Rượu Phú Lễ

“Learn to eat, to speak and to behave

Learn to drink and to have good conversation

Drink responsibly and have health-consciousness

Gain tight friendship and good relations.”


From the old days, our forefathers have always used a drink to start the talk. Phu Le is proud to maintain Vietnamese culture by making great efforts in raising awareness to drink responsibly and to build the civilized image of Vietnamese people

Self Automony

“Have three cups of drinks per day, plus a cup of morning tea – Enjoy healthy life and no need to see a doctor” – said the Vietnamese well-known (physician) Hai Thuong Lan Ong (Dr. Lê Hữu Trác)
Be selective when drinking.
Do not drink and drive.

Thoughtful of your community

A good drink to break the ice and bond a relationship. Know your limits and control your behavior to strengthen your social networks. Phu Le’s motto is to be kind to people and behave properly when drinking. Careful of your family.

Careful of your family

Only drink wine at proper times and on proper occasions. Parents should be a role model in educating their children about drinking responsibly to create good family traditions inherited through generations.