After 12 years of excellent operation, Ruou Phu Le Corporation has constituted a nationwide distribution system, which ranges extensively from Southern to Northern and been honourably awarded for ‘Vietnamese High-quality Goods’ for consecutive years.

  • 2004

    Ruou Phu Le Corporation, was established with the build-up of the factories. The firm started to utilize modern production and operation management standards to add more value to traditional wine across the region. Consequently, the afore-mentioned operational model, which is exclusively unique and the first of its kind in Vietnam, not only safeguards the traditional craft village, but complies with food safety standards and good manufacturing practices also.

  • 2005

    A “Cooperation Group” has already been established under contract between Ruou Phu Le Cooporation and local craftman. The company will under account related-product payment; the craftmens produced wine in compliance with food safety standards.

  • 2009

    The company invested more than two millions U.S. dollars to build a modern factory with international standard.

  • 2015

    More news are coming...


A pioneer, setting the stage for Vietnamese traditional distilled spirits’ brands and promotion worldwide.


Ruou Phu Le Corporation desire to bring consumers the authentic Vietnamese spirits, in an esteemed manner befitting modern life.

Rượu Phú Lễ
Core Values

At Ruou Phu Le Corporation, every product must fulfill 3 factors:


Reputable and standardized merchandise.

Genuine Vietnam Spirit

Utilizing Vietnamese characteristic and materials.

Heritage Preservation

Preserving traditional distilled spirits craftwork with a modernized manufacturing strategy.